Pet Sitting Rates

House companions
30 minute visit for 1-3 companions

60 minute visit for 1-3 companions

Each additional companion or cage/tank
Dogs & cats billed individually, but we do not charge extra
for two birds living in one cage, or five fish in one tank, etc.

$  2.00
Additional visits
If your companion requires more than two visits per day,
we offer a reduced rate on additional visits

Horses & livestock
Horse, full care
This includes feeding one meal, water buckets cleaned and refilled,
stalls mucked, turn out/bring in, fly spray and maintenance grooming

Horse, feeding only
This includes feeding one meal and refilling water buckets. If your horse was
turned out on the full care visit, it also includes returning them to their stall

Sheep, Goats, Llamas, Cows and Other Livestock
Please contact us to tell us about how many animals you care for and what their needs are. Usually these companions do not have individual stalls that need to be cleaned so we do not charge as much per companion for full care. We will provide you with a personalized quote.

Other Charges
This fee is per visit made on New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Eve

$  5.00
Routine watering for plants is free of charge when we are caring for your animal companions. However, please contact us if you have a special request with regard to plants. We can provide you with a personalized quote to care only for plants during your absence.
Important Rate Information  
Please also note the following policies
  • All companions in our care must be seen a minimum of once a day until you are scheduled to return.
  • Full payment is due before pet sitting services begin.
  • Prices do not include NYS sales tax.
  • Visits will be made between 7 am and 10 pm. After hours or overnight visits can be arranged - please contact us for a personalized quote.
  • We will try to accommodate emergency calls, but appreciate most bookings to be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Additional services (Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals or Animal Communication) can be arranged at a discounted rate while we are providing your pet sitting services. Please contact us with your request and we will provide you with a personalized quote.
  • Cherished Companions has the right to refuse to provide care for aggressive or dangerous animals. If you are unsure how your animal may react to a new caretaker, we will meet with you and your companion to ensure we can provide safe care for them in your absence.

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