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Cherished Companions is an active participant in animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. We usually have at least one animal here, eagerly waiting to find that special place to call their own. Are you looking for a new pet? Please contact us with an idea of what you are looking for and we can assist you to find the perfect new friend to fit your home and lifestyle.

Currently we have several dogs waiting to be adopted!

Our Current Pet List

All pets adopted through Cherished Companions are eligible for 30 days of veterinary medical insurance coverage through ShelterCare for $1!
Please ask for details.

Please visit us on Petfinder for a list of the animals we currently have waiting for homes. Note that the best way to reach us is via e-mail. Phone calls may take several days to be returned because the care of the animals comes first.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during the adoption process!

* * * * * * HAPPY ENDINGS! * * * * * *

You may have noticed the smiling white dog at the top of our adoptions page - that was our first foster dog, Kali. She was adopted in November of 2003. Here is a picture of her with her dad, and an update on how they are doing!

You can also see more animals who have been adopted through Cherished Companions on our Happy Endings page!

Talk about happy endings, you couldn't get much happier than I am with the way this adoption has worked out. When I first saw Kali on the p.b.r.c. web site I fell in love with her. I had already looked at about 30 other dogs and most of them were much closer to my house (Kali was over 300 miles away). But there was something that I felt when I looked at her photo. So I called and spoke to Mara, who was so happy that I was interested, and got Kali's sad story and asked when I could pick her up. It killed me that I had to wait for her to be spayed. But she was so worth the wait. She laid with her head on my lap for the last 2 hours of our 3 1/2 hour drive. We bonded during that long trip. I adopted Kali on 12/29/03. Since that time we've had so much fun. She loves to go this little beach and wade in the ocean. I don't let her go too far because I'm afraid she will go too far. She just loves the water so much. She also loves to play fetch with her Kong balls. She is a loving and affectionate dog. I had my 11 year old niece sleep over and Kali was in heaven. She had someone else to play with. Jenna loves her so much now that she keeps asking when she can stay over again. I am just so happy to have adopted such a great dog. I wish everyone could feel the joy I feel every day when she wakes me up with kisses and I know it will be a great day for a dog who's days were numbered. Thank you Mara, Cherished Companions, MHRHS, and p.b.r.c. for my best friend and little girl, Kali.

Paul and Kali live in Toms River, NJ
We are SO happy for them!!