Animal Communication

Do you have questions for your companion? You may wonder about physical ills that could be troubling them, or have questions about specific behavior they are exhibiting. You may just want to know that they are happy and content. Cherished Companions can assist in bridging this gap.

Animal communication is a telepathic conversation between your companion and the consultant. Similar to invisible radio waves, telepathic communication is also a wavelength of energy. "Tuning in" to this type of "broadcast" allows us to receive the animals' messages. This is not a psychic reading or a prediction of the future - the consultant can only relay to you what your companion has to say.

A consultation can be done over the phone, in person, or even by email. You will need to provide us with a general description of your companion (name, type of animal, their color, age, breed and sex), as well as a list of questions or issues you would like addressed. If a consultation is not being done in person, it is often helpful to provide us with a picture of your companion. If you mail a photo it can be returned to you after the consultation, at your request.

Consultations must be for companions you know or have a vested interest in. We cannot do consultations for your aunt's cat, for example, without your aunt's explicit permission. Please refer to the Animal Communication Code of Ethics, or contact us if you are unsure about a specific situation. If your companion is missing, we can attempt to make contact with them and assist in a reunion. We can also do consultations for your companions who have passed away.

After a consultation, you will usually notice some type of difference in your companion. This may be a very obvious shift in behavior or temperament, or they may seem more confident or more affectionate. Most clients feel they have a better understanding of their companions after a consultation, and that their relationship with them has deepened.

Please note that Animal Communication is not a substitute for regular veterinary or medical care. We can only relay what your companion is feeling. We can also ask them if they can recommend anything that would make them feel more comfortable - sometimes they know, sometimes they don't. As with humans, if someone sustains an injury, they may know how to treat it themselves or they may need to seek medical advice. Please consult a veterinarian if your animal is ill or in pain as we cannot prescribe medicines or homeopathic remedies.

Please see our Rates Page for information on our pricing and how to schedule a consultation.