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Left to Right:
Pebbles | Cinnamon | Chavez | Noble | Adora

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They were born on 5/29/03. They have 24-hour access to their room and an attached fenced yard, so they are almost completely housebroken. They have been handled daily, so they are very used to human contact. We have brought them to adoption clinics, softball games and birthday parties, so they are accustomed to all types of people, children and noise. They have also been introduced to a few different dogs and cats. They are just adorable, as you can see! Please consider one of our puppies as a new addition to your family.

Cinnamon & Adora behind the gate

Cinnamon & Pebbles eating their breakfast

Kai and the puppies take a nap

When they wake up, Kai is attacked!

From left to right:
Adora | Noble | Pebbles | Chavez

Look out - here they come!

Night-Night - we're tuckered out!